Kevin's stale homepage 

Hi. (Alas, this is the only picture I have of myself...)

NOTE: My old pages on have gotten toasted - however, virtually all of those pages are duplicated here. If you replace with then you should be happy.

I'm a geek in sillicon valley, and I suppose you probably found this woefully out of date page at random. If you found it because you recently read "Nudist on the Late Shift" please see my errata page.

I like tricky software, some dancin, flyin.

I do have a fairly out of date resume online.

I received my undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Austin. I was (and still am) very into co-op housing.   Until recently I lived with a bunch of geeks at a house which has many visitors.

I suppose I should describe what things I like to do:

  • I have a number of technical hacks in my queue.
  • I've designed a fair amount of the M2 video game. Much of the M2 work was done by a kernel cohort: Tim.
  • Although I like flying, I sold my Piper Colt (also owned by Max, Ted, Bill, and Bart).
  • I'm building an RV7A airplane. I'm having a blast with riveting. At one point in the past I built a pretty good portion of a composite plane, but developed a nasty epoxy alergy. If you are curious I've kept that old buildlog around.
  • I volunteer by teaching tykes stuff.
  • I'm working towards a glider rating.
  • I assisted with the creation of a Cyberball coffee table.

  • Some of these folks even have net lives:
  • Becky - My wife and love of my life.
  • Max - My honorary brother. ;-)
  • RJ Mical - A good friend since 3DO
  • Rus
  • Grog
  • Brett (actually, he is a sibling)
  • Paula
  • Dave
  • Oh yeah, we also have a cat named Spotty. I let Tribble cheat with the neighbors and they adopted him.

    If I really had my life together then I'd have my hotlist or someother dang thang here - but I don't.

    I gather that it is traditional to provide this magic email link: